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PalmPGN - Credits

Many thanks go to the people who have assisted in this process. I'll never claim that I did this all by myself. In no particular order, thanks go to:

  • Tim Mann, for his ideas for best using WinBoard for this project.
  • Weldon MacDonald, for his suggestions for supporting email and annotations, and his review of and thoughtful comments regarding my design.

Also, many thanks go to the folks who wrote the tools that were used to develop this product and website. Most of these tools are top notch and Open Source (no coincidence, there). In no particular order, thanks go to the folks behind:

  • The PalmPilot. Nifty little gadget, and the Palm folks have really done a great job supporting their developers. Kudos!
  • GNU Emacs, by RMS, and its NT port, by Geoff Voelker. It's a great environment, and I do all my professional and recreational coding with it, as well as most all of my text editing and a good bit of my Usenet news reading.
  • PHP, a nifty little language with which this website was developed.
  • SourceForge, which has made this project much more enjoyable, by removing a good bit of the admin tasks from my plate. Thanks very much for this great service!
  • GCC, a free(ly available) C/C++ compliler by www.gnu.org, and PRCTools, its port to PalmOS, (also hosted here on sourceforge.net. Also, I'm using Ming, a flavor of GCC that produces native Win32 apps, to write test harness code for PalmPGN.
  • CVS, aka Concurrent Versions System, which is the free(ly available) source control system used by SourceForge. Turns out it's a pretty slick little system; I'm using the CVS command line client code on NT, and if you desire, you can get the server and run it yourself. Anyway, having it on SourceForge is great stuff, and makes doing a project like this easier and safer.
  • ... more to come ...


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